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> Victorian Water Register

On 3 July 2011 Coliban Water joined the Victorian Water Register as part of a staged state wide migration of water entitlements.

The Victorian Water Register is a public register of all water-related entitlements in Victoria.

It has been designed and built to record water entitlements with integrity and provide crucial information for managing Victoria’s water resources.

All Coliban Water Rural licences are now held in the register. Any changes to your licence will now need to be processed through the register.


> Further Information

Victorian Water Register Fact Sheet (PDF 346KB)

Victorian Water Register Frequently Asked Questions
(PDF 198KB)

Victorian Water Register website


> New Terminology

In conjunction with the implementation of the Victorian Water Register; we have renewed all forms and some new terminology is being used. A brief description of common Water Register terminology is listed below:

BEE (Bundle Entitlement Entity)
The ‘Take and Use’ licence or entitlement that governs the taking of water, using of water and any specific rights to water. It will replace your licence number and will look like BEE000000.

ABA (Allocation Bank Account)
An account for managing water allocation throughout the season as well as attributing usage. This will tell you the quantity of water you have available and the quantity you have used for the season. This can been located online at

SP (Service Point)
This is your outlet number on the channel or pipeline.

Property ID (existing Coliban Water account number)
This is a ten digit number eg: 90 9000 0000


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