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When placing rural water orders, we ask that all customers provide us with a minimum of 48 hours advance notice.

This is for both intended start and or stop times. This will allow our staff the time required to best manage the network and minimise water losses.

When ordering rural water please lets us know how many days you require. Members of our Rural Team do daily rounds to open/measure or close outlets. Accordingly your delivery will be as close as possible to the requested volume in blocks of one or more days.

The height of water in the channel, known as the head of water, will vary from time to time. This directly affects the billable volume of water that will flow out the channel.

Listed below are some common values through most outlets. There is a degree of variation that can be achieved through the use of channel stops to raise/lower heads from day to day.

  • 50mm – 200kl to 250kl per day
  • 80mm – 700kl to 1,000kl per day
  • 150mm – 1,000kl to 1,750kl per day
  • 300mm – 1,000kl to 2,500kl per day

It is important to note that 1,000kl (kilolitre) is equivalent to 1 megalitre. Licences will often talk about megalitres but they are billed in kilolitres.

While we try and provide volumes as close as possible to what is requested, there is some margin of error and we may either slightly over supply or under supply.

Whatever the volume is that you are supplied through an outlet, you will only be charged for that volume at the standard volumetric rate on a pro-rata basis.

Rural water orders can only be placed during the irrigation season, typically between November to May.

Before placing an order, please have your Property ID ready. The Property ID consists of the first ten digits of your account number.

When ordering rural water, please be aware that your account will need to be up to date and that any Supply by Agreement documents that may be applicable will need to be valid and current.

Call our Customer Support Team on 1300 363 200 for further information.


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