Rural Water Licence Volume Transfers

If you wish, you can transfer all or part of your licence volume to another customer. This transfer can be either permanent or temporary.

To make a transfer, you must first find another person willing and able to participate in the transfer by buying and receiving your water allocation. You are free to use any means available to find a buyer or seller, such as newspaper advertising, Landcare groups or through private arrangements. 

The price paid by one customer to another is a private matter between the two parties and we play no part in determining prices.The seller must include the agreed trade price on the relevant application form.


> Rural Transfer List

We maintain a Rural Transfer List, which may assist you to find someone to buy or sell water. This list is a free service which contains the details of prospective traders including their name, phone number, volume for sale and efficiency ratings.

The Rural Transfer List is available upon request to prospective buyers and sellers. Please note that you do not have to use this service, but it is available to assist you if required. If you wish to register on the Rural Transfer List, please complete the ‘Rural Transfer List’ application and post, email or fax it to us.

Transfers are subject to a number of conditions:
• Customers must apply to us for approval of a transfer
• Transfers can only be made to another property within the Coliban Water Rural System area
• The property on which the customer intends to use the water must be readily able to be supplied from a Coliban Water Rural System channel or pipeline
• The receiving channel must have adequate surplus capacity
• Permanent transfer to a restricted channel or pipeline will not be approved
• Temporary transfers are valid for the current season only
• The water register only allows for water to be traded once. It cannot be on-traded a second time to a third party
• Efficiency deductions may apply to transfers
• A transfer fee of $65.00 applies to all licence transfers
• Processing licence transfers takes up to 10 working days
• Proposed transfers should be verified with us before you proceed.

> Application Forms

Rural Transfer List Application (including Terms and Conditions) (PDF 194KB)

Permanent Transfer of Water Licence (PDF 309KB)

Temporary Transfer of Water Licence (PDF 267KB)


> Further information

Rural Water Licences and Application Forms

Victorian Water Register

Restricted Channels

Schedule of Fees and Charges

Rural System Diagram (PDF 744KB)

Rural Reconfiguration Project


> Contact us

If you have any further enquiries about the rural water please contact our Customer Contact Centre.

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