Channel systems

We manage hundreds of kilometres of open channel systems. Our Rural Team operate the locked outlets on our channel systems according to carefully managed delivery schedules.

This team operates the offtake flows, maintains and clean the network and manages unexpected challenges such as livestock in the channel.

Our staff also maintain system outlets in good working order and channel stops that help regulate channel water head heights that are important in delivering consistent customer flows.

Customers are responsible for all and any infrastructure from the outlet to their property.

> Channel Rosters 2018/19

Channel rosters for the 2018/19 rural season are available here


It is recommended that owners maintain a minimum drop of 150mm from the outfall to their private drain. This allows maximum, free flow of water.

If the water is to be piped from a subsequent drain box, then the pipe diameter needs to be of a suitable diameter to manage the flow and distance to be covered.

Failure to have sufficient carrying capacity in your private network can result in a restricted water flow and you losing water that will still be billed for.

To place a rural water order please go to our Rural Orders page.


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