Customer Support

> Your account

Pay your bill, understanding your bill, change your details, payment difficulties, pricing information and Customer Support Forms.

> Overflow Relief Gully

Information on identifying and checking the Overflow Relief Gully (ORG) outside your home, designed to release sewage overflow in event of a blockage.

> Understanding
your water use

Information on unexplained high consumption, undetected leaks and how to keep track of your water usage.

> Bushfire readiness and your local water supply

Information on being prepared in the event of a bushfire impacting on our ability to maintain your water pressure or to supply water.

> Customer Support forms

All of our customer forms are available to download and many of them can be submitted online.

> Building and developing

Information for land owners and developers on planning applications, mains extensions, connections, building over assets and easements.

> Faults, leaks and
service difficulties

Report a fault, leak or service interruption and what we will ask you.

> Sewer blockages

Information about sewer blockages, sewer maintenance responsibilities and the Inducted Plumber Register.

> Planned works and Interruptions

Information on current planned works and projects to repair and upgrade our systems.

> Trade waste

Our Trade Waste Customer
Charter details rights and responsibilities for the
management of trade waste.

> Drinking water
and water quality

Information about our region’s water supples, water quality, Safe Drinking Water Act, Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

> Rural

Information on our rural system, licences, application forms, transfers, ordering water and channel rosters.

Frozen Meters and Pipes

Information for customers on how to protect their water meters and pipes from freezing during the cold weather months.


Customer and Community Rebates

We have 19 customer and community rebates to support our commitment to customers and community.  

> Publications

A-Z Fact Sheets
Annual Reports
Customer Charters




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