Customer and Community Rebates

> Key customer outcomes

All Victorian water corporations have their services, prices and level of investment reviewed by the independent economic regulator, the Essential Services Commission.

Our current Pricing Submission came into effect on 1 July 2018, and outlines our prices, service levels and proposed works program for the next five years.

Customers across our region helped to inform our plan and from this we developed five key outcomes to illustrate what our customers value and expect from us, as well as caring for our local communities and the environment.

Our key customer outcomes are illustrated in the image below.


> Our commitment to community


Community rebate in the event of the following: Amount^
Significant sewer spill to local waterways or the environment
Poor flowrate that results in customers receiving an inadequate amount of water to complete day to day tasks and this continues for a prolonged period of time $5,000
Water quality issue that results in us advising customers not to consume the water $5,000
If a town receives short term poor quality water due to our infrastructure or treatment processes
^All rebates are paid to the community affected


> How do I apply for a rebate?

If you experience poor service in an area that is covered by a rebate, you will generally be eligible to receive a rebate credit to your Coliban Water account.

You do not need to apply for a rebate as data collected on our service performance in the areas outlined will identify when a rebate is a payable.

For all customer rebates, you need to be a customer of Coliban Water at the time the issue arose.

For community rebates, given the rebate is payable to a community not an individual, we will liaise with the affected community to determine how and where the funds are to be paid.

Some conditions do apply. For full details please see our brochure, contact us on 1300 363 200 or email us at


> Our commitment to customers

To support our commitment to customers we have introduced 15 customer and community rebates from 1 July 2018, to bring the total number of rebates available to 19. These are:


Customer rebate in the event of the following: Rebate^
A sewer intrusion into your house that can be contained within an hour Clean-up cost + $300
A sewer intrusion into your house that cannot be contained within an hour Clean-up cost + $1,000
A sewer intrusion into your house that is contained instantly (blown seal) First time $50
2+ times $100
Three or more sewer blockages that affect you in a year
Rural customers receive less than 100 per cent of their water allocation in a year Fee reduction*
Four or more water supply outages that affect you in a year $50
An unplanned water supply outage that is not restored within five hours $50
A planned water supply outage from 5am-9am or 5pm-9pm on weekdays and all weekend $100
A customer’s water supply is restricted without all reasonable endeavours** $300
Failing to unrestrict water supply within 24 hours $300
Long term poor quality water due to our infrastructure or treatment processes $57.13***
If a letter or email you send to us is not responded to within 10 business days $10
A Special Meter Read not completed within one business day of the requested day Fee waiver $19.24***
High priority inspection not completed within 2 business days $250
High priority mains inspection not completed within 10 business days Fee waiver
^All rebate amounts will be credited to the customer account.
*We will reduce the infrastructure fee to reflect the lower amount of rural allocation.
For example 90% allocation 90% infrastructure fee.
**Reasonable endeavours to contact the customer and offer payment assistance programs.
***Current as at 1 July 2018. Amount subject to change as per annual change to fee amount.


> Further information

Customer and Community Rebates brochure (PDF)

Pricing Submission 2018

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Customer Charters





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