Water and sewer plans

> What are water and sewer plans

Before building or developing it’s important to know the location of our water and sewer mains.

To request water and sewer (or asset) plans please email coliban@coliban.com.au or complete our Asset Location Request online form.

All applications will be processed within two working days from the time we receive it.


> Dial Before You Dig

We are not a member of the Dial Before You Dig referral service.

For information on underground networks belonging to other utility organisations please refer to the Dial Before You Dig website.


> Example plan

Below is an example of a Water and sewer plan. To understand the symbols used in our plans see our Symbols used on plans (PDF 213KB)

> Assets Map

Our online Assets Map (coliban.com.au/assetsmap) gives immediate access to our water and sewer networks.

Features of the Assets Map include satellite and topographic imagery, measuring tools, interactive layer list for various assets and bookmark section to save locations.

> Alterations to service drains

If you need to alter the service drain that connects your house to the sewer main you need our consent.

Applications to amend a service drain can be submitted by completing the Application for Water and/or Sewerage Connection online form.

All applications will be processed within 10 business days from the day we receive it.

If you require a plan showing the location of the current service drains on your property, contact CIS Services.


> Further information

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