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PLUMBING INDUSTRY NOTE: The connection process for recycled water has changed.


> New recycled water connections

Recycled water is available in two residential subdivisions in Bendigo.

If you apply for a potable (drinking) water connection in these areas you are required to also connect to the recycled water system.

If you are about to move into your new home and the recycled water meter is still locked, contact your builder or plumber.

To connect to the recycled water system you are required to purchase a water meter from one of our authorised Quick Connect Agents.

Applications for new recycled water connections will only be accepted from Quick Connect Agents.

Application must include:
> Completed application form
> Copy of the title of the land and proof of ownership
> Building plan, including site plan and floor plan


> Information for plumbers and builders

An application for a recycled water meter can only be made through one of our authorised Quick Connect Agents. All applications will be processed within 10 business days.

Once the application has been submitted and approved, you can collect the recycled water meter from the Quick Connect Agents. When connecting to the recycled water supply, you must adhere to the Conditions of connection for dual pipe areas within Coliban Water.

You must inform Coliban Water within 24 hours of tapping the recycled water main. A Coliban Water representative will attend the property to complete the tapping inspection and lock the meter. This inspection must occur prior to backfilling the trenches. The meter will remain locked until the completion of the R3 inspection.

You must complete the Recycled water inspection request form online. You are required to book the R1, R2 and R3 inspections with at least 48 hours’ notice at each stage. You cannot contact the Victorian Building Authority to complete these inspections.

Coliban Water conducts R1 and R2 inspections at random, as part of a risk based approach. The R3 inspection is mandatory. The recycled water meter can only be unlocked by a Coliban Water representative, following a successful R3 inspection.


> Technical Requirements

All connections have to be installed in accordance with the Plumbing Code and our specific technical requirements provided by Coliban Water in response to your application.

> Victorian Building Authority (VBA)

You can no longer contact the VBA to book recycled water inspections. The VBA may conduct recycled water connections at random, in addition to the inspections completed by Coliban Water.

Connections to the recycled water supply are inspected by Coliban Water. A consent number is issued to your licensed plumber and provided to the VBA.

This number is used by your licensed plumber to obtain a compliance certificate to certify that all works have been undertaken in accordance with the Plumbing Code of Australia (AS/NZS 3500:2003) and our specific requirements.


> Fees and charges

A fee per application will be charged to your account. You can combine water, sewer and recycled water into one application.

Residential Recycled Water, 20mm meter or less has an access fee of $0.00 from July 1 2018.

Recycled water consumption charges will be included on your next billing cycle.

Non-residential Recycled Water access fees are available

Schedule of Fees and Charges

If a property has not been previously serviced, a New Customer Contribution may also apply. This fee does not apply to any recent subdivisions.

A fee for recycled water inspections will be charged to the account. All fees and charges will be billed to the existing account of the property.

> Application forms

Water and Sewer Connection (online form)

Recycled water inspection request (online form)


> Water and sewer plans

To find out the location of our water and sewer mains see our Water and sewer plans page.


> Quick Connect Agents

Register of Quick Connect Agents


> Useful websites

Victorian Building Authority (VBA)

Plumbing Code of Australia


> Useful information

Conditions of connection for dual pipe areas within Coliban Water

Building and Developing home page

Property Connections

Schedule of Fees and Charges

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