Rural water licences and application forms

A Rural Water Licence authorises a customer to take and use water from the channels and pipeline's in our rural system. Every Coliban Rural System customer is issued a licence.

The licence is:

  • For a 15-year period
  • Renewable
  • Transferrable

> Licence renewal

During the 15-year period you may apply to have licences renewed.

The Water Act 1989 specifies that Coliban Water must renew the licence unless valid reasons are presented not to do so. 

Conditions of the licence may be amended at the time of renewal and generally the period of the licence will be extended to 15 years from that time.


> Surrendering water

Part or all of your licence can be surrendered to Coliban Water. Although you will not receive any monetary compensation, you also won’t have to pay any future capacity charges on the volume surrendered or an administration fee.

If you surrender part of or all of your licence volume to us, you will not be able to receive it back. However, you may be able to purchase more licence volume privately.

To surrender water complete a 'Surrender a water licence' application form (see right).


> Applications forms

Amalgamating Water Licences (PDF)

New Water Licence (PDF)

Permanent Transfer of Water Licence (PDF)

Permanent Transfer to Water Authority (PDF)

Renew Existing Water Licence(PDF)

Surrender a Water Licence (PDF)

Temporary transfer of Water Licence (PDF)

Rural Licence Water Ordering - Third Party Access Authorisation (PDF)


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