Media Release


27 May 2019

Coliban Water is concerned that illegal shooting continues to take place at its Cohuna Water Reclamation Plant despite repeated warnings the activity is prohibited.

Manager Community Operations Mick Dunne said it was evident that hunters had chosen to ignore warnings issued by the water authority.

“This has been an ongoing problem and we ask the local community to take notice of this advice which is in place, not only for the safety of the shooters but for the safety of plant operators too.”

Birds are naturally attracted to the open water at the reclamation plant. Two ‘no shooting’ signs disappeared from the plant in April after being installed less than four months ago.

“One of the signs on the front fence was removed and several new expelled shot gun cartridges were founding on the ground in front of where the sign used to be,” Mr Dunne said.

Concerns were previously raised in 2018 when a person was issued with a pre-charge diversion by Victoria Police for the offence of trespass. The person had been shooting birds at a lagoon within the plant grounds.

“We cannot stress this enough - hunters must only go shooting in areas where it is legally permitted,” Mr Dunne said.

The duck hunting season closed on Sunday 19 May 2019. Hunters can find out more about where and when to hunt from the Game Management Authority (GMA) website

If you witness illegal hunting, it can be reported to the GMA’s Customer Service Centre on
136 186 or online here.

Alternatively please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Victoria Police.



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