Media Release


17 April 2019

Coliban Water has had its busiest season on record for bookings of the water trailer and portable water units as part of its in-kind sponsorship program.

Executive General Manager Strategy and Governance Roslyn Wai said Coliban Water had a suite of 11 portable water units and one water trailer which provide free drinking water at community events.

“In the six months to March 2019 the water units or trailer were at 76 events, which is more than ever before for this time period. We had 25 bookings during March alone.

“We have more than doubled the number of portable water units available so that we can get to even more events – sometimes several at once.

“This has been a fantastic way to help as part of our community sponsorship program and ensure people in our region are staying hydrated,” Ms Wai said.

This weekend, the water stations and trailer will be located in Rosalind Park near the pedestrian bridge through to Sidney Myer Place for the Bendigo Easter Festival. Families are encouraged to take along their reusable bottles and drink plenty of water while they enjoy the festivities.

“We know that community values are changing and there has been support for water as a healthy drink option as well as a focus on sustainability. It’s great to see this support for reducing single-use plastic drink bottles.”

“Our sponsorship program also closely aligns with our Strategy 2030 vision and in particular, strategic direction number two – healthy people and environment. This aims to see tap water become the drink of choice because of its quality and health benefits.”

Ms Wai said in terms of booking the water stations, Coliban Water can assist with a large range of requests – everything from sporting, cultural, arts and food events to school fetes, fundraisers, movie nights and so much more.

“Bookings generally quieten down over the winter months, so this is the perfect time to think ahead if you need to book the water trailer or portable water refill units for your upcoming event,” Ms Wai said.

“Don’t be afraid to book in early, which helps us make sure we can be prepared in advance.”

To book a water station, go to, click Community and then the Portable Water Stations link. You can also find more information about Strategy 2030 on our website by clicking the link on the right-hand side of the home page.


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