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3 April 2019

Coliban Water is reminding customers to adjust their automatic watering systems when daylight saving ends on Sunday 7 April.

Manager Regional Liveability Steve Healy said with clocks going back an hour customers should check their settings to ensure they comply with the Permanent Water Savings Rules (PWSR).

“PWSR are currently in place at all times in towns across our region to ensure we use water efficiently and conserve it for the future.

“Watering systems can be used between the hours of 6pm and 10am. By avoiding the main daylight hours, evaporation is reduced and more water is absorbed by plants and lawns.

“A quick check is all that’s needed to ensure any automatic watering systems are still operating within the specified hours for PWSR.”

Mr Healy said people should adjust their automatic watering systems to suit the seasons and check the weather forecast before watering.

“Changing the time you water to later in the evening or earlier in the morning has a significant impact on water efficiency.

“A bucket, watering can or hand-held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle can be used at any time but watering in the mornings and evenings are the best times to water gardens.”

Mr Healy said one of the most efficient and effective irrigation systems is a sub-surface drip hose, connected to a timer to water overnight. This ensures plants get water near their roots and minimises evaporation.

“A watering system is any automatic or manually operated system of sprinklers, drip hoses, weep hoses and even a sprinkler connected to a tap is considered a watering system.”

PWSR are part of the Victorian Government’s Target Your Water Use campaign to help regional Victorians use water more wisely.

“Water is a precious resource and everything we do to conserve water – even in the cooler months – helps our overall water security,” Mr Healy said.

“Using water efficiently is everyone’s responsibility to help secure our water supplies and maintain greener and more liveable communities now and into the future.”

More information about saving water in the home, workplace and garden can be found at and then click Saving Water.








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