> Fun and interactive ways to learn about water

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.” Thomas Fuller, 1732

Water is a rich topic that can be explored by students in kindergarten to university.

We offer curriculum-linked and interactive incursions and support to students and teachers in the Coliban Water region. We can help students understand:

  • Where our tap water comes from
  • The water cycle
  • Responsible water use in the home
  • What happens to our wastewater
  • The recycling of water
  • Tap vs bottled water

We provide support to ResourceSmart Schools in the region by assisting schools with the water module.

> Education activities slide show


> Contact us

Please complete our Education Program Incursion Request form.  For further information on any aspect of our education program email our Education Officer or call 1300 363 200.


> Schools Water Efficiency Program

The Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP) is a Victorian Government water saving initiative which addresses sustainable water use by providing data loggers to Victorian schools to improve awareness about water daily water use.


> Water: learn it. live it.

The Water - learn it. live it. resource features three volumes of curriculum-linked information and activities: Water in the Natural Environment, Water in the Urban Environment and Water in the Community.


> Murray Darling Basin Authority education resources

The Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) provides many resources, activities and programs designed to improve the health of river systems by developing an understanding of the catchments and the effect of human impacts on waterways.

The MDBA website brings together new and existing educational material which is suitable for use in classrooms or take home tasks.


> Information for school projects

Water volume
Units of water volume (PDF)
Water storage levels
How to read your water meter (PDF)

Water services in your town
Our supply region diagram

> Useful websites

Cool Australia
Waterwatch Victoria

Schools Water Efficiency Program
ResourceSmart Schools

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> Class Activities

> Water Heroes

An interactive, whole group session focusing on ways younger children can actively contribute to responsible water use in the home and classroom.

Recommended level: Kindergarten – Grade 2

Duration: 30 – 50 minutes, depending on student year level.

> Kinetic Catchment

Following a whole group introduction, students work in pairs to design water and waste water systems for a small town. This hands-on STEM activity provides students with an opportunity to use their problem-solving skills to solve an engaging and authentic scenario.

Recommended level: Grades 3-6

Duration: 1 hour

> National Water Week and Poster Competition

National Water Week aims to improve community understanding of water issues in Australia.

Every year there is a state-wide poster competition where students are asked to create an A3 poster using paint, pencils, photos, felt pens, collage materials or computer graphics.

Ages: Prep to Grade 6.

> History of Bendigo’s water supply

The Coliban System of Waterworks has a rich history dating back to the times of the gold rushes.

We have brochures available for schools and more historical information is available on our website

Ages: suitable for senior primary to tertiary levels.

> Major projects in our region

We have an ongoing capital works program investing in renewing and building new infrastructure.

Our Education Officer can give presentations on specific projects to schools in the regions that are directed affected.

> Tours

Tours of facilities can be arranged for tertiary groups.

We can also arrange for headworks staff to talk to school groups at Lauriston or Malmsbury Reservoirs, our major catchment storages on the Coliban River, near Kyneton.

To arrange a visit please contact our Education Officer.

> North Central Waterwatch

We are a sponsor of North Central Waterwatch which facilitates community water quality monitoring programs in our region.

Schools are engaged through the established ‘River Detectives’ program where students assess the health of local waterways on an ongoing basis. In addition we endeavour to identify any events and opportunities in schools where we can work collaboratively with Waterwatch in the area of water education





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