Choose Tap

> What is Choose Tap?

Choose Tap is an initiative that promotes the benefits of drinking tap water as part of a healthy lifestyle and as a positive alternative to bottled water.

We are committed to improving the health and environmental outcomes for our communities.

The Choose Tap initiative raises awareness of the health and environmental benefits of drinking tap water.


> Why Choose Tap?

Water is essential for healthy living and staying hydrated is crucial for sporting, mental and academic performance.

Tap water represents value for money - it’s cheaper than buying bottled water - whether you drink from a tap or refill a water bottle to carry with you.

Tap water is also more environmentally friendly than bottled water. More than 50 per cent of plastic bottles end up as landfill or litter.


> Our tap water

Tap (or potable) water in our region comes from a variety of sources. In recent years we have made major investments to upgrade many of our water treatment plants.

The potable water we supply meets the requirements of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and the Safe Drinking Water Act. See our Drinking Water and Water Quality page for further information.

To find out more about where your water comes from and how it is treated see our Water Summaries page and Your Town pages.


> Our water trailer

Our water trailer is a great way to provide people with access to free drinking water at community events.

The trailer is part of our sponsorships program and is available for free for large outdoor community events.

To book the water trailer or find out more see our Water trailer page.

Did you know?

> If our brains don’t get enough water, our ability to concentrate can decrease by 13 per cent and our short term memory can drop by 7 per cent.

> You can lose between one and two litres of water an hour in sweat when doing moderately hard exercise.

> Our bodies are 70 per cent water, and staying hydrated is essential for good health and performance.

> Light-headedness, dizziness and headaches are early signs that we are not getting enough water.

> Purchase of Choose Tap drink bottles

Our Choose Tap drink bottles are available for sporting, charity, school or community organisations to purchase.

Our 1L sports bottles and carriers are great for sporting clubs. We also have 800ml or 600ml Choose Tap bottles available. These are great for a healthier way of fundraising or for your organisations own personal use.

To place an order, complete our Choose Tap Water Bottle order form.


> Have you had enough water to drink?

Staying hydrated is essential for your health! A good way to encourage others to drink enough water during the day, is to put our 'Check your wee to see' charts in the bathroom of your school, club or even at home!

Complete our Check your wee to see online form and download a free wee chart (child and adult versions available).











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