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Our Rural Supply System includes around 400km of open channel. Parts of the system date back to 1877 and need upgrading to reduce water losses and environmental impact.

Each system will be investigated individually to determine whether it's viable to replace the open channel with a pipeline.

We have already updated some systems as part of the Rural Reconfiguration Project including the Harcourt Rural Modernisation Project and the closure of Poverty Gully and Jackass Flat channels.



In 2005, a review of the Rural Supply System recommended a complete reconfiguration.

We are developing our Modernisation Plan to show the costs and options for each system. When finalised, our plans and key findings will be available to the public for feedback.

Due to the size of the project, reconfiguration of the Rural Supply System needs to be staged over at least 10 years and completed in sections.


What to expect

We will engage with local communities to seek their input and feedback. Reconfiguration of each system needs to be approved by our Board before construction begins.

Last updated on 01 Feb 2020
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