Reimbursement Claim for Sewer Works

Reimbursement Claim for Sewer Works

If you are claiming a rebate for authorised plumbing works relating to identifying or clearing a sewer blockage in the House Connection Branch, please complete the details below.

Coliban Water will reimburse up to a maximum $250 (excl GST) for reasonable costs to diagnose or diagnose/clear a HCB blockage. This excludes:
› Work that relates to private sewer drains
› CCTV work used to determine the location of a blockage
› Exposing the inspection opening surface fitting in compliance with plumbing regulations
› Accessories such as machine hire, excavator hire and the use of a high pressure jet cleaner.
You must notify Coliban Water when the HCB blockage is identified

Please allow 10 business days for the processing of approved claims.

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