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Water Cyclewet wipes experiment

Foundation to Grade 2

Do you know where your drinking water comes from? Where does the wastewater go? Students will explore the water cycle and the impact we can have on it by saving water around the home and only flushing the 3 Ps in this interactive session.


  • science
  • geography
  • design and technology

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Foundation to Grade 6Child playing with toy toilet

Find out about the cheeky history of Bendigo’s wastewater, including historical documents and photos that show the differences in waste management between our grandparents’ generation and now.


  • history
  • science
  • geography
  • design and technology

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Choose Tap

Foundation to Grade 6Sugar board activity

Every day we can make choices about what to drink. But have you ever thought of the health, environmental and economic implications of what you drink? In this session we use experiments, demonstrations and fun activities to find out acidity, sugar content and how much we should be drinking.


  • Science
  • Health

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Water Cycle Yoga

We understand that people have a range of learning styles and that some students are kinesthetic or tactile learners - they learn best in a hands-on session while physically moving and doing.  The Water Cycle Yoga Session is designed to help tactile learners process and retain information about the water cycle.

For school aged children, yoga and mindfulness can reduce anxiety and stress. Yoga has also been shown to improve:
•    physical and mental health 
•    balance, strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity 
•    focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, and classroom behaviour

We hope you enjoy sharing this yoga session with your students.  No materials are required; students will need some room to move and lie down. 

There are 2 versions:

13 minutes, when students are calm and ready for yoga.

18 minutes, begins with a 'shake your sillies out' exercise 

Have you used this with your students? Let us know!


When Water Lost Her Way

When Water Lost Her Way author and cover

To celebrate Curious Creatures, Wild Minds Book Week in 2020 we worked with Meg Humphrys, author and illustrator of When Water Lost Her Way.  The book features the water cycle and a very curious creature – a cave salamander!  Meg combined her interests in art and science to create a fictional story about a scientific process. Upper Primary, Science & English. 

View the audiobook online.

Author interview

Water cycle meditation - written and produced by Meg Humphrys

What happens when science meets dessert? An edible aquifer, of course! An aquifer is a collection of wet, underground rocks that allow water to pass through them slowly. Presented by Meg Humphrys and produced by Coliban Water. 

To purchase copies of the book and further teacher resources visit the publisher.

Taps and Toilets

Your students will become engineers in our Taps and Toilets simulation. We will send you instructions and materials at no charge.  You will also need scissors, tape, cups or bowls (optional, to show students where the hills are) and coloured straws or paper for pipes.  Email us for details.  

    Print activities to use in your classroom:

    Units of Water (PDF 188KB)

    Water Cycle Game (PDF 9.3 MB)

    Understand Your Water Use (PDF 311KB)

    20 Ways to Save Water (PDF 1.4MB)


    Home Learning: Water Cycle Unit

    Learn about the water cycle with a mix of online and hands-on activities: 

      Other resources

      Use fun, online resources to teach students of all ages about the value of water:

      Join the Waterwatch program to monitor waterway health.

      Become River Detectives and explore local waterways.

      Find leaks, save water and promote water efficiency with the Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP).

      Learn about water management in Victoria with Kids Teaching Kids documentary.

      ResourceSmart Schools is a free program offered by Sustainability Victoria that helps schools become more sustainable, with a water module and school water audit. For more information, contact

      Water - learn it. live it (Water-lili) is a free resource jam-packed with information and activities to explore water in the classroom.

      Volume 1: Water in the Natural Environment (PDF 4.5MB)

      Volume 2: Water in the Urban Environment (PDF 5.4MB)

      Volume 3: Water in the Community (PDF 3.3MB)


      Activity Book

      We offer a fun and educational Coliban Water Activity Book (PDF 3.3MB) which is used as part of our school visits and community engagement. If you'd like a printed copy, please email



      Page 1 - How does water get into my tap?

      1. Clouds

      2. Reservoir, river or ground

      3. Water Treatment Plant

      4. Clearwater storage tank

      5. House


      Page 2 - Spot 10 differences

      Spot the difference answers









      The 10 differences are:

      1. Cat on school roof has moved

      2. The sticker on Ebbie's bike helmet has changed

      3. The bag in the front basket of her bike has moved

      4. The bird on the ground has changed direction

      5. The cloud is winking

      6. The blind on the window has moved

      7. The bush in the background has disappeared

      8. There is water in the drink bottle that Ebbie is carrying

      9. There is an extra cloud in the sky

      10. Ebbie's red nose disappears


      Page 3 - Pipe Maze

      Pipe Maze answer









      Page 5 - Water word search

      Word search answers









      Page 6 - Spot 7 differences

      1. Curtain in window has changed

      2. Tap's tongue is missing

      3. A flower on the bush is missing

      4. A new cloud appears

      5. The lightning bolt on Oswald's cap is different

      6. There are extra water puddles under the sponge that Tap is holding

      7. The water on the car's front side window has disappeared


      Page 10-11 - Clueless crossword

      Crossword answers











      Page 12-13 - Saving Water in the House and Garden

      Washing machine - 1

      Trigger nozzle - 2

      Wheelbarrow of mulch - 3

      Shower head - 4

      Toilet - 5

      Hose leak - 6

      Plant with red flowers - 7

      Shower - 8

      Fountain - 9

      Bathroom sink - 10

      Cassie brushing her teeth - 11

      Sprinklers - 12

      Rainwater tank - 13

      Dishwasher - 14.

      Well done!


      Page 14 - Dot to Dot

      Growling Grass Frog


      Page 15 - Bin it, Don't flush it

      Items for the bin:


      Cotton buds

      Wet wipes


      Paper towels

      Items for the toilet:



      Toilet Paper



      Last updated on 19 Apr 2021
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