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Phase 1

Phase 1 works are now complete and Class B recycled water is flowing from the Kyneton Water Reclamation Plant to the Hardwick Meatworks irrigation scheme site.

Phase 1 works were announced in October 2019 and were completed in March 2020 - on time and on budget. 

The delivered works include a series of improved treatment processes in the lagoons, as well as tanks for the storage of Class B recycled water, to be used for irrigation at a nearby farm owned by Hardwick Meatworks.

New aerators installed in one of our lagoons to improve treatment process are operational. 

The more than 200-megalitre storage facility at the Hardwick site can take up 3 megalitres of recycled water each day.

An improved wastewater treatment process at the Hardworks Meatworks processing site will improve the quality of water being sent to the Kyneton Plant for further treatment.


Phase 2

Phase 2 works are underway and include treatment process upgrades so that only Class B water is used for offsite irrigation and tertiary treated water (a higher quality than Class B recycled water) is released to the Campaspe River.

The construction of a Class C to Class B treatment plant for the trade waste treatment stream has been completed. 

The construction of our 200-megalitre storage lagoon (Lagoon 5) is well underway, which will more than double the storage capacity at the plant. 

As part of the water balance management at the Kyneton Water Reclamation Plant (see our Water Balance fact sheet (PDF)), we have identified an opportunity to create an additional 30 megalitre storage at the plant site.

This lagoon (Lagoon 6) will store tertiary treated recycled water from our domestic wastewater treatment stream.

The primary purpose of this lagoon will be to maximise the opportunity to release tertiary treated water to the Campaspe River when there are suitable river flows, in line with our EPA licence requirements.

We anticipate both lagoons will be completed by the end of May 2021.

Our multimillion dollar investment is funded through the reprioritisation of our capital works program and will more than double storage capacity onsite and increase irrigation areas offsite. 

The redevelopment means we are operating our water reclamation plant with the intent to release only tertiary treated water from the BNR plant to the Campaspe River and it is expected to be able to serve the Kyneton region until 2040.


Expression of Interest - supply of recycled water

We are currently working through the applications for our EOI process with the intent to reach agreement for the supply of recycled water to local irrigators this coming irrigation season.

Finalising this agreement and securing new irrigators will see greater reuse of recycled water in the Kyneton community.


Redesdale gauging station

River flow for the purpose of our EPA licence compliance is currently being measured at Redesdale gauging station.

We are currently working through the environmental risk assessment and scientific data, in line with EPA expectations, to understand the impact of changing the gauging station for river flow recording from Redesdale to Kyneton, on both the environment and the current infrastructure and the plant’s on-site operation.

Last updated on 02 Mar 2021
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