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19 January 2021

Coliban Water is asking members of the public to avoid contact with water in Barkers Creek Reservoir near Harcourt following detection of Blue Green Algae.

Manager Customer Operations Steve Dunlop said visitors to Barkers Creek could still sightsee and were encouraged to enjoy activities that did not involve direct contact with the water.

“We are closely monitoring the presence of Blue Green Algae at Barkers Creek and we will keep the community updated on any changes to this advice.”

Signage has been erected at the reservoir to notify visitors.

The reservoir supplies rural water to approximately 140 customers on the Harcourt Modernised Rural System. 

“As a result of this algae bloom we switched the supply to the Coliban Main Channel so that our rural customers can continue to receive raw water that is free from Blue Green Algae,” Mr Dunlop said. 

“This change took place on Saturday 16 January and water from the channel will help flush water from Barkers Creek Reservoir.

“Most of our rural systems do not have an alternative supply so it was fortunate that we did have the ability to change the water source in this instance,” Mr Dunlop said. 

For further information please call our Customer Support Team on 1300 363 200.

Last updated on 19 Jan 2021
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