Coliban Water Rural System

> About the Coliban Water Rural System

The Coliban Water Rural System is for stock and domestic use. This rural water is either raw or recycled, and neither is suitable for human consumption.

Rural water is distributed across our region via a network of open channel and pipeline systems.

There are generally different access charges and conditions that apply to each of these systems.


> 2017/18 rural season

The 2017/18 rural season opened in October 2017 at 100 percent allocation.

Media release: Coliban Water rural season to open at 100 percent allocation (3 July 2017)


> Further information

Schedule of Fees and Charges

An open channel in the Coliban Water Rural System

> Trading Information

For information regarding rural trade where Coliban Water has been both a party to the trade and the approval authority, please check the Victorian Water Register Report.

For any other rural enquires please call our Customer Support Team on 1300 363 200.

> Trading and licence information

> Trade restrictions

> Rural System map

> Channel systems

> Rural pipeline systems

> Rural water orders

> Water Compliance Project

> Rural Reconfiguration Project

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