Pricing Submission 2018

> Community Draft released for comment

All Victorian water corporations have their services, prices and level of investment reviewed by the industry regulator, the Essential Services Commission (ESC). The ESC has set our prices until 30 June 2018 and so for the past 18 months we have been developing our future pricing submission.

A significant part of preparing for a pricing submission is engaging with customers and demonstrating that our plans include what customers value and expect or us, as well as caring for our local communities and the environment. Our proposed pricing submission also considers being an efficient and sustainable business.

This Pricing Submission 2018 Community Draft (PDF 8MB) is a summary of our proposals. It presents five Customer Outcomes that link to what we heard through customer engagement.

Our next step is to check in with customers that the Customer Outcomes, actions and investments to achieve them, and proposed customer pricing have the support of customers.


> Customer feedback

Throughout our Pricing Submission 2018 Community Draft you will see questions. Please take the time to respond to each question so we can make sure that we have heard correctly what customers’ value.

You can answer these questions in our online survey or in our online PDF document. To submit your answers in the PDF document, save it to your computer or other device and email to

Feedback can also be provided by:

Mail: PO Box 2770, Bendigo DC VIC 3554
Phone: 1300 363 200 during business hours


> Pricing Submission 2018 Pricing Estimator

Our pricing estimator is an online tool to help customers work out what annual charges for residential customer water service, water consumption and wastewater service fees

The estimator displays the prices for the 10-year period from 1 July 2018 and shows the current charges for 2017/18 for you to compare.


> Further information

Coliban Water Pricing Submission 2013-2018

Water Security Plans

Annual Report 2015/16


> The Essential Services Commission

The Essential Services Commission (ESC) is the water industry's independent regulator. 

Its role is to review our Pricing Submission 2018 and ensure pricing, service levels and works programs are justified, and costs and charges are fair.

The Pricing Submissions 2018 must be lodged with the ESC by 29 September 2017.




Pricing Submission 2018 Community Draft (PDF 8MB)


> Listening to customers

Customer Pricing Forum (PDF)

General Customer Survey (PDF)

Major Trade Waste Customer Survey (PDF)

Minor Trade Waste Customer Survey (PDF)

Rural Customer Survey (PDF)

Palatability Survey and
Tap Water Taste Test

Lockington and Elmore Sewer Pricing
Community Forums







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